Beyoncé Adds 7 More Tour Dates But New Material! I Still Ain’t Got It!

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Listen let me tell you something, Queen! I ain’t had it 3 months ago and I don’t have it today! My credit card is maxed out and I’m dodging phone calls from Rent-A-Center trying to get my couches!

Why can’t you give us a warning?! I slid by because I had a credit on my cable bill to see you fly down staircases high on spiked ‘Lemonade‘. Now you wanna announce more tour dates and I still ain’t got the money for even the nose bleed seats! Every time I think I wanna buy a ticket I realize that I’ll probably be homeless the week after.


VIP tickets went on sale this morning. I didn’t even bother looking at them with my worn out contacts. My credit ain’t high enough!

Those of who bought tickets for the Nashville show now have to wait 5 months after the show was postponed for ‘construction delays’ even though Nissan said there were none. Bloop

Anyway, for those who can afford to see Queen Bey enjoy yourselves and pray I get some coins to go or I might have to call Joanne the Scammer and use somebody credit card. *evil grin*