“Do Your Lil Routine” Trump Tells 2 Black Women at Rally

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Who in the hell told aunt Debra and Jackie to go to a Donald Trump rally? Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson hopped on the stage with fresh matted quick weaves ready for whatever they were paid to do.

Before we even go there let me just say I have no problem with black people being Republican. Donald Trump is in no way shape or form, a good candidate for Black America. Most of the things this man lets out his mouth says are disrespectful to every race who is not white. Mr. Trump is a stamp that racism is still very alive and prevalent in America. This man appeals to those who think that whites built this country from scratch.

These two women get on the podium and I thought I was watching a horrible Mad TV skit. All I could hear was somebody in my head saying, “Get all aboard on the coon train” and both of them are the conductors.

Wearing quick weaves and gold glasses and these women want to support a man who will never seem them as his equal. If Diamond & Silk don’t get their hip hop cooning ass on with this bullsh*t.

Trump needs the black vote and he will employ do anything to get it. How can you appeal to Black America when all of your views are opposite from what most of us think? Watch the video below and tell me what you all think.


What do you all think of these two beautiful ladies? Please enlighten me.