From the Park Bench to Buckhead!

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YESSSSS!!!! It’s been a long time coming and a lot of shade throwing now it’s time for me to leave this PARK BENCH! Serving you Yo Gotti ‘Back 2 Basics’ teas!! It has been an amazing year and I can’t do anything but be thankful right now. I was told several times that it was time for me to move from Memphis and I just wasn’t ready for the change. As some of you may know I came to Atlanta to throw a meet & greet back in March 2015 which was everything! Over 40 people showed up to see little ole Justin and I was excited and nervous. Just being in Atlanta for that little time was the confirmation that it was time to go. When I returned to Memphis I made a decision to break my lease. Chhhh Justin was nervous and scared of failure and change. Someone who I thought was a friend told me that he was moving out and that I could move in with him and we can split the rent.


That ish lasted not even a month as I got to realize he wasn’t the person he claimed to be on social media and towards his dog. Sadly I had to leave, well he put my shit out and left me homeless…


Nah he didn’t but I know that sentence alone made some Lipstick Alley users happy lol. Left his place of residence and did what I was trying to avoid, living with my parents. My parents are taking care of 4 young kids and I just didn’t see me being able to continue making Justinj1232 a successful brand, but I had to. Living with my parents humbled my spirit and made me closer to them which I now appreciate. A close friend who I served with overseas suggested that we be roommates until we both get where we want to be. Being as I just got out of a stressful roommate situation I was like HELL NO not again lol. I trusted him and we made the move to Atlanta in July 2015. Even though I sometimes cringe saying I have a roommate at the age 28 I am reminded that you have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. This year has truly been a teaching lesson and humbling experience. If you’re going through anything right now, I encourage you to keep on poochin’ thru because it will one day be worth it. Now I’m not saying that my life is everything right now but I’m no longer where I was a couple of months ago and I didn’t have to wait to for 2016 to say “NEW YEAR NEW ME!” Ish happens and sometimes it’s not you, it just wasn’t your time in that particular moment. I hope this can help you reading this to continue to keep your head up and keep poochin’ on and persevere. Jays I appreciate you all for supporting and uplifting me none of this could be possible without you all.