Gorilla Grabs 3 Year Old After Falling Into Habitat | My Reaction [VIDEO]

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As by now everyone knows of the 2016 version of ‘Losing Isiah 2.0’ the zoo version. Isiah at only 3 years of age came face to face to a 400 pound Gorilla. He hasn’t even had a chance to see Tarzan but I’m sure he’s good now.

Harambe the gorilla’s name is gone. Killed because not only was he held in captivity for us humans to enjoy but because someone wasn’t paying close attention. According to reports, the child slipped through the enclosure after apparently asking to get inside the water several times.

Isiah slid down in his Jordans and all his mother could do was tell him “Mommy’s right here.” Nah you ain’t there! You’re safe while a 400 pound Gorilla is checking your son’s diaper. Do better. Isiah he only sustained minor injury’s but he is ok. Check out my video reaction.

Let this be a lesson that we all pay attention to our children while in public. It only takes a second. Children will be children but we have to be adults. Mistakes happen but sometimes you don’t get a second chance.



Who do you think is responsible? Would you have jumped down to save your child or would you be telling them “Help is on the way.”?