Mother of 5 Found Dead Under Hotel Bed was My Aunt

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2010 was set to be a year I would never forget and I wasn’t even aware of it. I was in Fort Bliss, Texas when I first found out that my aunt who I considered my sister was missing.

Sony Millbrook had dropped her 4 children off to daycare and didn’t pick them up that evening which was unusual for her. I never will forget when my mother called me and told me that. Considering that I am sometimes the protector in my family  I told my mother maybe she was going through some things and needed a break. She was doing her best raising 5 children on her on.


My mother is a worrying warrior. She worries about things she has no control over and doesn’t directly affect her, but this time it was different. Deep down inside my mother knew something wasn’t right.

Linda & Kermit James my parents decided after a couple of no word from Sony to take in the children. There were times where I would call them while I was overseas and wouldn’t hear anything but children crying in the background. The youngest child at the time was just a couple of months young not even aware of the situation.

On March 15 her body was found under the hotel bed after several guests had complained of an odor. The room was rented out 5 times before someone decided to find out where the smell was coming from. My father was waiting on me to return from a mission and when I called my parents to just check up on them they then informed me.

It didn’t register to me until the next day that my last time seeing her would be in December before I left for my deployment.

My family lives had been changed forever. Holiday’s & relationships with family members would never be the same. It has been a little over 5 years. This was before I started my YouTube channel.

My father & mother are still to this day raising my Aunt’s 4 kids instead of 5, the oldest one is now raising her on family. My mother tried to return to work, but it was impossible giving her new schedule.


With just one primary source of income, my parents are the strongest people I know. I’m not sure if I could do something like that. To put your life on hold for the betterment of someone else. My family hasn’t asked for anything but prayer and support.

This is one of the many reasons why I moved to Atlanta to make this work, so I can be a blessing in their life like they have to these kids.

Kleopatra, Kristian, LaKeith & Kolbi are doing well and being loved by Kermit & Linda James.




In 2014 a jury convicted LaKeith Moody the father of 4 of Sony’s children guilty of First Degree Murder.