New Gay Short Film “Not:Bashful” is EVERYTHING!

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YESSSSSS!!!!!! Finally a gay short film that is sexy without losing the message!! The cast of “Not:Bashfull” have slayed my spirit this evening! From tackling issues in the black church to Jack’d hookups!

Considering I’m not easily moved with gay web series and movies after all the trashy ones I’ve seen. No shade but after “Blackbird” I had lost all hope for gay films.

“Not:Bashfull” grasped my attention and kept me interested in the characters from beginning to end.

We’re introduced to Bash who invited trade over and got gooped in more ways than one! I almost had a flashback when trade ran off with my iPhone 4 and ran into the woods, but that’s another story for a different day. Anyway check out the short film below and tell me what you think.


What did you think of  “Not:Bashful” I know I’m looking for Earl on Facebook right now to come cook for me now I can hide the family pictures.