Perez Hilton Claps at Nicki Minaj So Hard it Pushed Her Wig Back

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You know you’re having the worst week ever when Perez Hilton drags you to hell in one tweet!

Nicki Minaj was already getting dragged for remaining silent on the travesty in Orlando. She did not send out one tweet or Instagram post. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t care honestly and it can be argued that she was promoting DJ Mustard’s ‘Don’t Hurt Me’ which she was featured on.

One fan claimed he was unfollowed because he asked her why hasn’t she said anything.


I would want a celebrity to speak on a situation from the heart. In this day and age celebs have to be on it right after something happens or they will be seen as they don’t care.

Perez Hilton crawled out of a Subway bathroom and said that it was “Very disappointing” that she unfollowed him.


Nicki just liked a tweet of a fan shading Perez for liking d*cks. Nothing to see here.


That’s until Perez put down his low-calorie count meal and gave Nicki Minaj the drag of the century.





Now for those who don’t know Nicki Minaj’s brother has been indicted for child rape. Considering that she hasn’t spoken about this either is irony itself.

I never thought I’d see the day when Perez Hilton would have me screaming! Nicki, you’ve been slick pushing it. Jokes like this make me and some of us wonder how do you really feel about us LGBTQ?



What do you think about Perez’s drag and Nicki Minaj silence on the Pulse shooting?