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Vivica A. Foxx Shades 50 Cent & 50 CENT CLAPS BACK

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   But you got to eat the booty like groceries!! Come to find out Vivica A Foxx might have been chewing on 50 Cent’s groceries lol. Vivica Foxx went on WWHL last night with Kandi Burrus after the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 and did what many do while sitting next to Andy Cohen, stir up ish. Andy asked Vivica “What were your thoughts on when 50 Cent said that the ratings (Empire) dipped because of ‘gay stuff’?” Her response was the pot calling the kettle black. Chhhh when Andy asked her to what was she insinuating and she did a hair flip and Kandi damn near went into labor. Vivica said that he wasn’t gay and that she had a wonderful time with him while they were dating. She, however, said that the XXL Magazine cover he did with Soulja Boi was questionable. Personally I don’t think 50 Cent is gay I just think he is thirsty for attention and enjoys being the center of attention no matter what. The XXL cover was kinda interesting in my opinion and people had a lot to say when it was released. It didn’t take 50 petty CENT long to respond on Instagram.


LMAO who the fuck made this man??#FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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50 been scalping her wig since last night and thank GAWD she has her on wig line to replace each one he snatches off. Do you think 50 cent was doing too much or do you think Vivica should’ve kept her mouth closed?


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