2 Male Lions Hump After Being Raised By A Single Lioness!

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What is the world coming to?!?!?! That gay shit happening in the animal kingdom too!


Chile stuff like this has been going on in the animal kingdom foreva *in my Cardi B voice*

A Belgian lawyer by the name of Nicole Cambré was on a safari quest when she caught the two lions sword fighting mating in front of her. She was informed that the two males had forced former male resident lions out and that this had been going on for a week. I’m guessing they didn’t want to argue with other lions about who is the top.


This is the moment two male lions in an African safari park were captured on camera – apparently trying to mate.

The two adult lions were photographed becoming more than affectionate in the Lagoon area of the Kwando Concession in Botswana, southern Africa.

Lawyer Nicole Cambré, who took the pictures during a safari trip, said she saw the two male lions ‘mating’ and was told by her guide that this behaviour had been evident for a


Somebody get Mufasa! They about to change the meaning of Pride Rock!


Does this make you wanna watch the Lion King now?