23 Year Old Man Stabbed to Death By Boyfriend After Break Up

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jarvis-jackson1Police in Memphis, TN are investigating a murder after a 23-year-old male was stabbed to death according to News Channel 3. Jarvis Jackson was stabbed by knives and bamboo sticks. All of which happened in front of his mother’s eyes.

It was a life snatched away at a home on Knight Road in Parkway Village.”They ended up piercing his heart with some sticks and clubs and bats,” said Jackson’s father. He went on to tell WREG his son was simply trying to grab his belongings from his partner’s house when things got crazy.

Witnesses, however, told authorities it was Jackson who showed up acting rowdy and out of control.They said he was banging on doors and even smashed a windshield.

A woman we spoke to said a 2-month-old baby was caught in the middle of the violence, but thankfully wasn’t hurt.When he came out of the home running, the mother tried to help Jackson into the car. Jackson’s mom was injured on the arm in the mad dash to save her son. –WREG

Domestic violence is real and it’s something I find myself tearing up when I read stories like this. I lost my aunt to domestic violence years ago while I was overseas in 2010 and there isn’t a day I don’t miss her. Many of us have family and loved ones that are experiencing these situations alone. Even though we expect it we often don’t say or do much. We should work on this.

There are always multiple sides to a story. None the less no one should put their hands on anyone while having a disagreement. They don’t love you if they assault you during an argument. If you end up fighting while arguing with the person who you are in a relationship with it’s time to get out of that relationship.

Domestic violence is real in the LGBT community and many of us are suffering in silence. If you suspect that your friend or loved one is going through something like this be proactive so we can prevent tragedies like this. Jarvis’s life didn’t have to end like this. Now two families are grieving.



What steps can we take to end domestic violence in the LGBTQ community or in all communities period?