911 Call of Vince Chewing on Tamar’s Finger During Domestic Dispute Released

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Earlier this week it was reported that Tamar & Vince were involved in a domestic dispute. There was no evidence that the incident took place but now there is 911 call that proves otherwise. The 911 call has now been released and although Tamar nor Vince was the one to call in, it may confirm something happened.

Listening to it, you can hear what may be an assistant or friend speak to the 911 operator that police were needed but no ambulance. The incident took place at the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta, GA, and Vince was said to have fled the scene in a cab headed to Krispy Kream. Take all of this with a grain of salt. Tamar is struggling for relevance in my eyes right now. Her last album didn’t do so well, she was dropped by The Real. What else can she do?

She can continue to build hype for her show Tamar & Vince. I believe that’s what’s going on. The phone call was just too calm. After news broke of the dispute, paid paparazzi asked both of them how were things at LAX and Vince just gave a thumbs up. Thumbs and fingers up.

Chile, I don’t know how to take these two. I can only deal with them in small bites.


What do you all think? What dipping sauce did Vince use on Tamar’s finger?