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Dear JustinJ My Mother Treats Me Like Precious!

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Dear Justinj I didn’t know if u liked pop messaging you personally on social media so I apologize if you don’t. I feel as if my mother is jealous of me and trying to sabotage me. I say she is trying to sabotage me because if I say something like I’m mad at my boyfriend or anything about him she says he probably found himself another girlfriend.


Or saying I give my all to him when she knows nothing of what really goes on between us. She jokes about my weight saying I’ve got fat but then turns around and buys me candy(I think she is trying to keep me this way.I graduated school early my mom was and still is not a big help when it comes to a higher education so everything was put on my kinda.Then recently I told my mom that I was going to a college to enroll she cussed me out saying that I’m leaving her for the next best thing. I’m really hurt how she treats me one minute I’m the apple of her eye then the next she will belittle me in front of people sometimes too.Sometimes I. Feel like I want to die.



Thank you for first reaching out to me my fellow Jay. There is nothing wrong with you and I looked at your picture you’re not fat. You look good boo! Your mother sounds like Mary, the character that Monique played in Precious, unfortunately. I hate this for you. She is unhappy because she is lonely, and she sees you have someone and she doesn’t. Which is why she is happy to tell you to leave your boyfriend. Misery loves company and I do not want you to be inviting it in for tea and cookies. Continue to seek that higher education if that’s what you truly want. Your mother is your mother but doesn’t make her right. Continue to respect her and show her love, that will eventually get to her. Also, stop giving her information on your life unless it’s necessary. Do not say or type that you want to die. Do not give those thoughts or words any power. I was in a situation that made me want to leave this earth earlier this year, but it was all a test for something greater. Stay positive and continue to pooch thru and persevere you got this boo. Love JustinJ

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