A Gay American Horror Story?? Get Ready to Be Slayed!

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American Horror Story: Coven was so good I was hoping that they would make it a series but they didn’t. They gave us boring ass Circus instead. It was cute but it wasn’t what we loved with Coven but someone was thinking ahead and wanted to shake things up.

From the people who brought us the cute short film Not: Bashful have teamed up with the Sanderson Sisters. Nah I’m kidding but they did invest in some new attitudes and black hats. 8 counts and black bowties this should be interesting. Not A Horror Story is set to take place this summer I will definitely be keeping tabs on the premier but for now, check out the trailer.



The banjo version of “Formation” was everything! I’m trying to see what road trip we taking? Is we ubering or are we taking the Megabus to Atlanta Pride? Either way, I got gas money!

They’re serving us visuals and effects but will the acting be good as well. Judging from what I saw I’m thinking so but web series make me nervous cause I’ve seen so many come and go. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a new style of web series and I’m all here for it.


Will you be moving quickly in line for Not A Horror Story this summer?