A Look Inside Ballroom Culture & It’s Importance In the LGBTQ Community [VIDEO]

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What exactly is ballroom culture? If you’re like me and don’t completely get it or realize it’s importance in the LGBTQ community pay attention.

A heterosexual black man can not teach a young black gay boy how to be an adult gay black man in black gay community.-Michael Roberson

No matter how much support a heterosexual black man may have for his son he can never fully teach him how to be a black gay man. So much truth to this. I learned the basics but the basics were based off if I were a heterosexual black man. Ballroom culture influenced and taught me while I was still finding myself. Where do little gay black boys and girls who don’t fit in go to be themselves with no shame? I myself have never attended any of these events but after watching this episode of The Movement it made me realise how important these spaces were and still are today.

Who would ever think that something that ballroom culture something that from the surface looks so simple is so important? It almost made me think of why do so many black men & women choose careers in social work knowing that the pay isn’t alway the best and the stress is extremely high. They choose because they know that their community needs them. I salute them and this amazing storytelling by Darnell Moore with his fine self.


What did you think of this episode of The Movement? Are you inspired as much as myself?