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Alleged Bank of America Employee Get’s Called Out for Racist Comments

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Another day another racist comment tweeted or posted on a Facebook status. This time, it’s from an alleged Bank of America employee. And it seems BofA doesn’t want to do anything about it.

Christine Mcmullen Lindgren posted a rather interesting Facebook post of why she hates n*ggers. She wants all of them to go back to Africa. “Go back to Africa.” is fine with me as long as you are willing to accommodate the reparations needed to provide me and others the ability to relocate. But this is where I was born my ancestors did build this country with blood and sweat. Every with a sound mind knows this country was created on the back of slaves. Know your history.

Apparently all “blacks” are on welfare & need to teach their children. The Facebook status has so many grammatical errors I’m not sure she evens works for BofA.

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Truly sad. The Queen of Black Twitter Miss Jia does not care for individuals like this. She kindly contacts the company that they work for and lets them know about their employee’s behavior. She did this with Christine of course. BofA did respond but later deleted the tweet. Those who took to thier Facebook pages started getting their comments deleted.Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.16.48 AM



Their Facebook page is now flooded with comments about these comments made on her Facebook account. Some believe that Bank of America will not do anything. They have a history of racial discrimination. Back in 2013 a judge fined them 2.2 million dollars for discrimination in North Carolina. So have they learned or will the continue to make the same mistakes?

Christine could not be a BofA employee but for them to not look into the situation or respond to the comments is troubling.

They Facebook page is now private and now she or whoever is running the account has deleted their work information. Screenshots last forever. You’ve been clocked.

If this keeps up Bank of America will have no choice but to respond. Let’s keep it up.




UPDATE! It seems Bank of America heard us! They have responded on their Facebook page.

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One can only hope they’re telling the truth.


Do you think Bank of America fired the employee?