Ariana ‘Pumpkin Spice’ Grande Impersonates Whitney Houston and other Artists in a Hillarous SNL Tidal Skit [VIDEO]

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Ariana Grande made her way on the stage of Saturday Night Live and actually did her thing! SNL did a skit where Tidal the struggling music streaming service experienced a couple of believable system failures. In the skit Ariana was asked to provide her voice to save the streaming service from crashing. I only wish she could help them in real life.

Didn’t she hold that note!!? I was surprised, even though she didn’t serve us black Whitney Houston all the way it was good! Rihanna’s ‘Work’ was funny and I actually felt like I was at  Rih’s ANTI concert! Live vocals and dry dance moves. I’m here for it.


What do you think of Ariana’s skit?