Atlanta Stunt Queen Goes to Town on Hotel Guest Credit Card! Swiper No Swiping!

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Situations will arise! But you gotta be smart about it!! Everybody in the Atlanta is going to be scared to give their credit cards to the kids now! Chile McDonald’s is going to have to take some of the kids off the cash register this weekend.

Miss Patrick a hotel employee for Hilton is being accused of being a fraud and a scammer! She pooched her ass up north to be with trade in New York on a guest credit card.

This is why USAA sends me a text anytime a Patrick-Gissentannerwithdrawal over a certain amount comes out of my account. Y’all want goop me out of my little coins. According to StraighFromTheA a guest who stayed at Patrick’s hotel made a phone call to management, several days after $633.55 was charged to his credit card. Ms. Patrick not only charged more than $600 in New York he also used his job’s discount to book the room in his name. Now I don’t know much about scamming but I would think that you wouldn’t book the room with your discount. I guess he was being friendly to the credit card owner.

Hotels normally ask for identification and a form of payment so how in the world did they let his ass slip by? They always check trust me! They check to make sure the name matches the discount form, credit card and ID. He must have smoothed talked them right out their draws.

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Hotel management then reached out to police and they snatched his ass right on up! Homegirl should’ve at least took some of them coins off the card! To, busy trying to stunt for Instagram & SnapChat. That’s why I always say pay attention to those who boast on social media.

People who truly have money don’t care about letting you know they have it. Not saying, everyone, does it because we sometimes like to take pictures of ourselves out but some of us push it beyond that. Everything that glitters isn’t always gold, sometimes it’s just a stolen credit card. Swiper no swiping.


Ms. Patrick came back home from his fabulous trip only to be arrested. He has been charged with financial transaction fraud. I’m guessing he did charge a couple of money orders at Publix considering he posted bail. Hilton in Alpharetta, GA said he is no longer an employee. Let me add him on Facebook to see if he can pay my rent next month.


How do you feel about using your credit card? Do some people make you nervous?