Baltimore Trade Out Here Snatching the Gays Up! 2 Men Charged with Sexual Assault

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Let me tell you one of the most dangerous things you can do is meet up with men you don’t know especially trade! 2 men have now been charged with sexual assault after 2 victims had similar experiences.

Now catch these teas.

Investigators say the adult male victim left his work at a hair salon early that morning and stood on the corner of East Monument Street and Milton Avenue, where he offered two men in a dark-colored SUV $10 for a ride back to his Dundalk home. When they arrived at the destination police say the driver pointed a gun at the victim and threatened to kill him unless he cooperated. Fox45 News

Now who in the hell stands on the corner and offers two random men in an SUV $10 for a ride to the house? Did they work for Uber Select? This is what I think happened and no disrespect to the victim but I’ve heard this story a million times. It sounds like he met them off an app and knew what he was about to get into. That’s until they robbed him. Never ever meet random trade like this! If you’re meeting somebody for the first time you don’t let them come to your house unless you know them!

After getting to his house the suspects not only robbed him but restrained and sexually assaulted him as well. They worked together. These men already knew what they were trying to do smh.

The second victim’s story sounds the exact same and happened a day later.

Officers responded to a Woodlawn home on March 7 around 4:30 a.m. for an assault call and found the adult male victim with his hands and feet restrained. Investigators say the victim met a man online and the two agreed to meet in person, at the victim’s home. When the man arrived police say he brought a second man with him and both displayed handguns once inside the home. Fox45 News

The victim let it be known that he met these two men off an app. Like it is never wise to meet someone you barely know at your home. Even if the night is intimate as you like, how do you know that your house won’t be burglarized in the future? Most burglaries are committed by someone you know.

Thankfully the second victim was able to get away only losing his belongings but he could’ve lost his life.

Police identified the suspects as 23-year-old Shakir Agyei Mitchell (left of picture) and 27-year-old James D Johnson (right of picture). The investigation is still ongoing and more information is still needed. If you have any information please contact police at 410-307-2020.

Please be careful if you plan on having late night rounds aka sex with individuals you don’t completely know. Not only practice safe sex but practice safe mind. A couple minutes of pleasure isn’t worth your life.