Bedazzled Bonnets & Inflated Butts! KMichelle & Toya Wright Exchange Reads

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While you were sleeping KMichelle & Toya Wright exchanged some words back and forth on Instagram.

Toya Wright was promoting her book “How to Lose a Husband and coins in 7 days” and K.Michelle thought it was funny. K didn’t want keep it to herself so she commented on it and hell broke loose.

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Toya just trying to peddle these books so she can pay these bills K.Michelle leave her alone.

Toya wasn’t featuring it and she wanted it to be known.

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KMichelle known for “0 F*cks” had some time tonight.


BEDAZZLED BONNETS??? I had to do some research!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.37.01 AM



Toya done made a trip to Hobby Lobby and slanging bonnets out the trunk. Sweet Jesus!

Toya clapped back one more time tho.


BLOOOOOP! Well Toya speak yo mind girl!

KMichelle is from Memphis so you know she had to have the last word.image

I thought these ladies had moved on from this but it seems KMichelle just felt like it was her time to shine while taking in that shine she shaded the sh*t out of Toyota.

Welp, I’m about to ask Toya if she sells bedazzled wave caps.

It was only a matter of time before KMichelle deleted everything she said and apologized.

I'm human. It is a gift and a curse to feel things good and bad so deeply. Disappointed in myself tonight that I stooped to their level, but not disappointed in my feelings. I have a right to feel. Im not scared to speak the truth! I've been holding that in for a year now and it needed to be said, actually feels good to let it out! Maybe now that I have spoken directly to the source, maybe I can move forward, but who knows Petty Anna might pop up every now and again. It's all apart of life's journey. An imperfect life. K:Michelle:My Life. No one will tell me how and when to heal or express my truths. Im not an angel, and if I wrong some1 I correct it. So I guess that's why The hardest thing in life to do for me is to accept the many apologies that I will NEVER get❤️ P.S get your life together before offering such great advice on mine. Your opinion is a waste of typing On this page blocking is heavily practiced. If I don't like the first 3 words I block or the digital teams blocks before I can even read. Sorry, this is for myself and my rebels. You can't possibly believe your that important?

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Are both of the ladies doing too much or do both of them need to move the hell on?