Beyoncé Dresses Up as Egg-Burgular at the White House Easter Egg Roll

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You mix that ham-burglar with that Tina Knowles fashion you get the Egg-Burglar. Beyoncé wyd sis lets talk real quick. Normally we love you being eccentric and out of control with your pictures of fine manicure nails and bee’s but I’m a wasp today.

These fashions look like something straight out of President’s Snow from the Hunger Games closet. Are we at the Capital of the United States or are we about to watch and live tweet the 75th Hunger Games? This Easter Egg Roll fashion you wore to the White House scared kids and the yolk inside the eggs. President Obama can’t even enjoy his last Easter Roll without your fashions stealing the show.

Chile she took the coat off and things got worse.

Blue did a get job with this arts & craft project and I guess Bey said  she would wear it out. Beyoncé can wear whatever she wants as long as she hurries up and release this album before this tour. I didn’t get this title loan to be seeing her slide around to the same old routines from the Mrs. Carter Show.


Would you rock Beyoncé’s paper mache arts & crafts dress to Easter Sunday?