Beyoncé Why Now?

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The views and opinions expressed in this post solely belong, to Goodie Proctor

I’m not a Beyoncé Stan, fan, Bey-Hiver, or occult member…..

I could have cared less about her coming out with yet another lack luster ass album. My world did not stop on Saturday when her HBO special premiered, nor did I give much of any fucks or forethought about it. The only thing I truly got into my feeling about was the fact that Prince ass chose the wrong weekend to die….because I knew that once Beyoncé did dropped her disrespectful ass album, the world would forget about Prince just like I forget about my bills during income tax season….

Let’s be real….The tea that Beyoncé dropped this weekend was old and too frequent for me to be having to use air quote around “ALLEGEDLY”. Word on the curb is that Jay has been imagetipping out and putting his tip into many women throughout the years, and for whatever reason Beyoncé has chosen to stay with him. Furthermore, I ask why is this information being presented to the court of public opinion now? Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the whole elevator incident happen damn near a year and some change ago? I feel like in order for this information to TRULY be substantial then maybe the album and its context should have been presented to the court in a timelier manner. However, never the less on Saturday night all basic bitch frequencies, dials, Wi-Fi cards, and cable boxes were tuned into witness Beyoncé’s visual album, which premiered on HBO.

As the world paused, I braced myself for an upward battle of will and twitter intimidation. As I witnessed mere hours after its premiere, the Bey-Hive being unleashed upon the world and destroying poor unsuspecting yet unconfirmed side chicks such as Rita Ora, and Racheal Roy.

Now, I like to be…”subjective” with my shade, and descriptive in my discrepancies. So even though I’m not a Stan I did, however, take the time out on Sunday to view her HBO special just so I could have fully loaded ammo to be able to talk shit.

imageI’m not going to lie…there was some cute moments. The beginning of it was a bit boring, and we all know Beyoncé country ass seems like she’s not smart enough to write a MLA cited college essay LET ALONE come up with that poem she was sprouting. However, what I did take solace in and brought a slight glow to my petty ass soul was her the FINALLY….SUBLIMINALLY admittance, or more or less, acknowledgment that Jay-z cheated on her and THUS SUBSEQUENTLY ADMITTING what I’ve ALWAYS KNOW!!!!!! That even though she may be one of the baddest bitches in the game … Beyoncé suffers from W.A.P.P Syndrome. That’s “weak ass poon poon” Syndrome to those of you who are unfamiliar.

I’ve long suspected that Beyoncé Kryptonite lied in the fact that she has been cursed with trash pounani and her walls are about as loose as jello, from all that dancing and gyrating.

After coming to that final realization my attention fluttered towards conversations that I sow people having on social media about Beyoncé being the new CEO of the feminist movement.


2ac8f9dbb4a56bf436e976fa87595b33My question is why is it that people all of a sudden think Beyoncé is the face of the feminist movement….Because she admitted that Jay-Z cheated on her?

For those of you who do not know the feminist movement was started back in 1848 and has come in three waves (thus far). The first wave primarily focused on women’s right to vote, and general equality. The second wave, which started in the 1960’s, broadened the debate on women’s rights to include sexuality, family, reproductive rights, domestic violence, and workplace issues. Currently, we live in the third wave of the Feminist movement, which focuses on queer and non-white women. Feminist’s goals focus on ideas like queer theory and abolishing gender role expectations and stereotypes.

Critics have been praising the visual album as “a Revolutionary Work of Black Feminism”. Huh? Bish where????

Newsflash to Bey-Hiver and clit riders masquerading as so-called critics….Beyoncé is not the first women to be cheated on, then sit down, and have someone else write a whole album about it!!! Get real…she is not the face of the feminist movement by telling an age-old truth that MEN CHEAT!! Well, people cheat, but men kind of suck at it so we primarily hold the social title.

My main issue with this whole lemonade tirade is that I feel like it’s not genuine. Beyoncé has NEVER been the type of women to parade her life out and across the media for the masses. Remember this is the women who at one point hadimage the world believing she was fake carrying a baby when in all she had to do was put out a picture of her baby bump. So when I see a visual album like lemonade being peddled out to the masses the first thing I think of is….Is this honestly true, or is this just another cleverly thought out write to the script, and a push to develop her “character” further? I feel like she used his act of indiscretion as a badge of honor. Almost like saying “Hey occult…I mean….Hive! Guess what ya’ll!! Jay cheated one me! Now I have new material to sing about. Also, since my acting skills are that of a kindergartener in a Christmas production playing a tree, and I refuse to hire an acting coach, I’m going to put out an hour long special where I can showcase my skills so you can give me praise and hype up my ego. ” and almost like flies to shit people fell for this hook line and sinker. Let’s repeat….Beyoncé is not the first women in the world to be cheated on!!!! Hell!!! Keisha Cole ass out here getting cheated on all the damn time!!!!

I mean I am sure if we try hard enough we can find a negro spiritual about some poor slave women’s husband who has been cheating on her with the masters wife Becky “with the good hair”(you know they always leave you for a white girl….) .
I think the question that women everywhere need to ask themselves is this who you want to be your commander and Chief of the feminist movement. Do you truly want to take queues from a woman who imagestayed with a man who cheated on her? Forgiveness is one thing, but knowing your worth is something very different. As the feminist Lauren hill once said “Baby Girl…Respect is just the Minimum.,” what type does the example of Beyoncé staying say to young women everywhere? Especially giving her ability to leave. Unlike the average women who has to think twice about leaving because of breaking a lease, Sally Mae payments, or being on a dude’s family plan with Verizon, Beyoncé has the means and monetary funds to start over. I guess my question is….How does her staying with Jay empower and give hope to those women out there who have gone through the same thing?
Child….now that I think about it. What does Beyoncé momma think about all this? Didn’t Tina Knowles get cheated on, and her heart beat’ed on by Beyoncé daddy??? Why would she even co-sign her daughter staying with a man who did the same thing she left her husband for?

Child the Carter and looking more and more like the Target version of the Kardashians….’


Now if Beyoncé wanted to a TRUE feminist what her ass should have done was instead of crying and complaining about Jay tipping out with Becky, she should have been having some affairs with motha fuckin Brain Bitch! That’s what a boss ass bitch does! You do not get mad, bitch you get EVEN. You go out here and you have yourself some affairs on him. You BEYONCE not CIARA! Or better yet why not try turning the tables on him and the current narrative and role that women have played for so long. Staying with a man that betrays your trust for lust….why? Because Beyoncé, just like most women, for whatever reason feels leaving a man who cheats on you is a failure on their imagine, spirit, and social standing. When in all actuality staying with a man who cheats makes you look weak, and displays an image of having low self-esteem and worth.

Now I’m not saying that cheating in relationships doesn’t happen, nor am I saying that if your man cheats on you then that warrants you to leave. Every relationship is different. Moreover, so is everyone’s definition of “cheating”. What I am saying is staying does not make you a feminist, or the leader of the movement in my eyes. Nor does “Lemonade” seem like anything more than a higher production of what the average artist whose catalog consists of anthems speaking on infidelity type betrayal coming from a lover.

Hell!!! Ya act like what Beyoncé did isn’t what Taylor Swift has been doing for the last ten years….singing about a no good ass cheating man, her heart being broken, and forgiveness. Which is why Taylor Swift is the PRINCESS OF R&B!!!

imageLet me wrap this up by saying I am critical about EVERYTHING Beyoncé does. Why? Because much like ANYTHING that comes out of the media, I don’t trust it!!! I know how the media can be used to manipulate people and how these stars spend MILLIONS to propagate and falcate their image. Beyoncé in my eyes needs to be checked from time to time. I feel like she is the Superman, to my Batman. To the outside world, and my single ass friends she seems all-powerful, celestial, and pure hearted. However, to me….that hoe all right.

Is Beyoncé a feminist? To some….however, I cannot help but not understand why people feel like this. Though I applaud her for speaking her truth, I find it hard to pay it any attention. All the she did was admit that she belongs to the same club many of us already pay dues too. Like the majority of people around the world, Beyoncé was cheated on and betrayed by someone she loved and trusted….allegedly. Let us not forget to add that in at the end, because it has not honestly been put out that Beyoncé is singing from the point of view of herself or anyone she knows. And since we know she, in the past, has not been very candid about portions of her life like many others stars have been, it’s hard to truly believe that the lemonade that she is sipping on was tastefully created by herself. i.e….Are we even sure the lemons in this drink are from her tree?

But I digress.