Beyoncé’s Extended ‘Lemonade’ Trailer! Serving Blair Witch Project Teas! [VIDEO]

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First, she gives a 10-second clip of her at the ATM with her Cookie Lyon Couture Coat now she burning up hallways. Bey just give us the damn album! Beyoncé graces us with a 1-minute video of her upcoming special that will air on HBO April 23, 2016, @9pm!

Take a look at the trailer!

*grabs blessed oil*

Pull us in where gurl? I ain’t going nowhere with you! Pull me in so you can steal and eat my kidney no ma’am! Beyonce we just want the album! You and this American Horror Story commercial needs Jesus!

Lemonade or whatever she wants to call it will premiere next Saturday. I’m watching it with every light on in the house.


Have you paid your cable bill so you can catch Beyoncé on HBO next week?