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Bienvenido a Miami | Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Ep6 RECAP

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WHY are we steady visiting houses that have no certificate of occupancy? Kandi, Sheree & Kenya go visit Keny’s not finished ass house. Like why are these empty houses being featured this season? I’m just trying to understand.

Kenya & Porsha plan a trip to Miami so this should be interesting. Considering their history from previous seasons. We know Kenya so I suggest Porsha watch herself and Kenya watch her wig.

The funniest sh*t happened when Tammy was getting ready and put them mailbox knockers! Chhh Tammy thought she was having a “Night with the Roxbury” with them thick tree trunk ass heels.

Tammy shoes tho. Where Adderperle at? #RHOA

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Kim Fields is working every bit of my nerves. Kim is missing her family so much that she can’t breathe. She had a panic attack because the girls were twerking and she couldn’t find her blessed oil.

Sheree needed something to talk about at the dinner table so she asks Tammy has she ever messed with Bob? Tammy gives the face that I don’t find your man attractive to even think about sleeping with him.

Tammy disappears again and we are trying to figure out where the hell she be going. Next thing I know she comes back with trade and claims it’s her nephew Glenn Rice Jr. This is where it went downhill and made her lose her peach Tammy Loses Peach. We won’t see that till next episode y’all know Bravo.

The group head on the boat with trade and Porsha tries to spark up things up with a fun game. During the game, Kenya snaps at Glenn and says “Youngbuck”. The look that he gave Kenya shook my spirit to the core! I do not feature abusive men in no way shape or form and the look he gave her made me think.

It seems as though Kenya is not going to feature him anymore and have him kicked off the boat too. Kenya this further supports my argument that you are jealous of the younger girls on the show. I’m ready to see Kenya get him together if he approaches her wrong, though.

Anyway, get into my RECAP of tonight’s episode…