Birdman Queens Out on The Breakfast Club, “Stop Playing with My Name”

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The Breakfast Club is known for their entertaining interviews but I don’t think they were ready for Birdman this morning! Charlamagne has been known to speak his mind on everything and that doesn’t leave Birdman off limits.

Charlamagne has said several times that Cash Money Records was trash and that no one should sign with them. Well, Ms. Birdman waited several months later to tell him how he felt about it with 7 dudes and several camera crew members behind him.





What was the point of all of that? Birdman is supposed to be working on a biopic about Trash Cash Money Records so I’m guessing this was some promo. Charlamagne handled himself well. He didn’t come off as fearful or nervous just prepared. He knows that a lot of the people he gives his opinions on don’t always agree but he stands firm in his word. Birdman looked like a donkey and foolish. If you had beef why wait till now?


Am I the only one who could hear the shakiness in Birdman’s voice? What do you think of the interview? Were Birdman’s actions justified?