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BISH YOU THOUGHT! Jake Tapper Rips Roy Moore Spokesman Live on Air! Leaves Him Speechless

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The Alabama Senate election is today so that means angry white men will be on CNN, MSNBC & ABC defending their candidate Roy Moore who is accused of sexual assault against minors. It’s only natural that some pundits make their way to news promote their candidate and sticking their foot right in their mouth. CNN’s Jake Tapper had time today and he came with some truth for Ted Crockett a Roy Moore spokesman that thought he knew the law.

Ted Crockett was defending Roy Moore comments on Islam being a false religion and that President Obama was a Muslim. The Roy Moore surrogate believes that you can have to swear on a Christian bible to be an elected official in America. Tapper waited till the close was clear before sharing the actual law with him and that you can swear on any bible.

That man could’ve melted right into a pool of mayonnaise after Jake Tapper landed that finishing move on him.



Tapper finished the shaded with a tweet with a gif

The Moore You Know”