Bishop Eddie Long Grows Beard Buries Wig to Look Masculine for Steve Harvey Interview [VIDEO]

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Stunts and shows from DL Church Trade! Chile Eddie Long is trying his best to clean up his image! After the allegations of him sleeping with young men in his church things haven’t been the same.

Lawsuits after lawsuits came and Long decided to settle out of court. Which has me scratching my head. In the beginning of the allegations, Long said he would fight these rumors till the end of time. Now all of the sudden lawsuits are settled and accusers are silent. What’s tea?

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church lost members and Long almost lost his wife. Vanessa filed a petition for divorce and said the situation had taken a toll on her. I’m sure it did first lady. However, she decided to stick with him after the check cleared that account. I’m wondering did she tell him in order for her to stay he had to get rid of them wigs and get back in the gym. Cleary he did he got his wife back.

Time has passed and now Long makes his way to ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ to discuss or lie about what happened during that time. Even when asked about why he settled his response was calculated. “At that point, everyone who believed in you was still believing in you. At that point, who didn’t believe in me, wasn’t going to believe in me no matter what I did. You’ve got to figure: Am I going to win the battle or do I need to win the war?” The war is over and all that remains is a confused man with a book to sell that no one wants.

Watch a couple of clips and you be the judge.


My opinion. Bishop Eddie Long will get caught again. Some of these boys probably lied and some of them told the truth. This is what a man who is wrestling with his sexuality acts like at this age. Ms. Long you can throw them man wigs in the trash and start back getting in the gym but that won’t change anything. We don’t want your book and your congregation barely wants you.



What do you think about Eddie Long? Is he telling the truth or is hiding something?