Blac Chyna Booed Up With Rob Kardashian on Instagram

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Chh Blac Chyna said she will not get a regular job or launch a maxi dress line. She will continue to screw her way to the top and there is nothing we can do about it but just watch.

imageIt seems everybody is hoping on the Kardashian train or dick to get a piece of the pie that’s if Rob’s hungry ass doesn’t eat it first.





BC posted this following pic on Instagram implying that this is the beginning. In the picture, you can see an arm with a tattoo. TMZ did some research and it’s alleged to be Rob Kardashian’s arm


The beginning of what? The beginning of the end should be the title since both of them are not really being checked for. They combined their powers to make some news I guess. My thing is if she really feeling like this she wouldn’t have posted this picture on Instagram. We know what’s up and looks like Khloe does too and isn’t here for it.


Gurl she said never go against the family! I guess she talking to Rob but he isn’t ready to be the spokesperson for OneTouch diabetic test strips just yet.

Deep down I wanna root for BC but I just can’t get with the fakeness to get noticed or for fame.



What do you think of Blac Chyna possibly being a Kardashian?