Blac Chyna Gets Her Engagement Ring After F*cking 20 Pounds Off of Rob

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After dating publicly for 2 months and after 2 million Instagram likes Rob & Blac Chyna are finally engaged. 4 days after April fools day Rob & Blac Chyna pull one of the biggest stunts of 2016. I’m happy for her she saw something and she got it. The Kardashians have been screwing and unscrewing their way to the top for the longest now it’s somebody else’s turn.

Robb Kardashian must’ve asked Kim to loan him some money for this stunt. Rob spent $325,000 on the engagement ring. Ben Baller a known jeweler by several celebrities is the one who should be celebrating.


Let me tell you all what I see in the future. The wedding will be filmed for a tv show, for who’s show I don’t know. Somebody has probably already reached out to them for production. We can expect Rob & Blac Chyna to have a reality show already in the works. You can also expect Blac Chyna to be pregnant very soon. This will be the first child to have the last name, Kardashian. I wonder how Kris Jenner feels about this. She may be the one working behind the scenes.

Chyro is what they’re calling themselves now so they already getting the marketing ready. Blac Chyna made sure she posted some of that bullshit ass flat tummy tea shit right all the news broke. I wonder how Kanye & Kim feel about this as Chyro suck up all the relevance in the room.


How do you feel about Blac Chyna & Rob’s new scheme?