Blac Chyna & Rob Are Kashing In Again! Plans to Film the Birth of Their Child

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Make no mistake Rob & Blac Chyna want every coin they can get from their arranged relationship and pregnancy. With the success of their reality show Rob & Chyna, it’s only fair that they don’t stop there right? It’s being reported that the cameras are to follow them all the way to the delivery room.

via TMZ

Production sources tell us Rob and Chyna are scoring several hundred thousand dollars for a baby special, which will include footage of the birth, along with Chyna’s baby shower and other events leading up to delivery. The show will also chronicle the first few days after the baby is born.

Someone suggested that their daughter should be named “Paycheck”.





I highly doubt Rob & Chyna would like that name! It isn’t clear if Chyna wants the world to see everything just yet. Maybe that price doesn’t include everything. We shall see. Or do we want to?

It also seems that Rob & Chyna has been renewed for a second season. So we can get more tantrums from Chyna.



Will you be watching Chyna’s delivery? Or have you seen enough already?