Black Campus Employee Confronts White Male About His Dreads| Was She Right?

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Couldn’t have been me. No ma’am I don’t care how upset you are or how you feel, do not put your hands on me. A San Francisco State University employee literally stopped and confronted a white male for his dreads. She asked her friend if he had some scissors. Let’s assume that she was intending to use these scissors to cut his dreads out. “You’re saying I can’t have this hairstyle because of your culture?” She responded that he couldn’t. He then tried to leave and then things went a little too far when he was pulled back. Take a look.

Cory Goldstein the white male who was confronted is way better than me. In my opinion, the moment she would’ve put her hands on me I would’ve slapped the dog shit out of her. Some of these so called activists are getting out of hand. You can disagree with someone all day long on differences of opinion. The second I say that I’m done and you grab me is when you cross the line. The employee was way out of line and couldn’t control her emotions. Chile she must be trying to get verified on Twitter. I bet hotep and shea butter twitter are having a field day with this.

Goldstein gave an interview about the whole situation and said he wouldn’t be pressing charges. He is leaving the matter to the school system.

Did she go too far? And if it were you how would you have handled it?