Bring It’s Coach John Charged with Statutory Rape & Criminal Exposure to HIV

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John Conner who is best known for being the Coach for the Infamous Dancerettes has some serious charges being filed against him. Information was brought to my attention several weeks ago that parents were filing charges on him for not only statutory rape but also the criminal exposure of HIV. Since no official receipts were provided I never spoke on it.

Coach John wrote a long Facebook post of him trying to commit suicide. This is around the time that information was brought to me about charges being filed on him. The Facebook post made perfect sense. John might have been preparing himself for the damage that was on its way before it was made public.



Coach John was arrested Friday for criminal exposure to HIV, soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor and statutory rape by an authority figure in Memphis, TN. John’s bail was $100,000.




He has since posted bail and took to Facebook to clear his name before situations spun out of control.



Here are my thoughts.

According to what I’ve been told. Two of the boys were on his dance team. He has had sexual encounters with both. One of the victims contracted HIV and the victim named John as a sexual partner. Both of the boys who are alleged to have sex were and still are to my knowledge under age. Unfortunately, no one is trying to frame Coach John. I think he’s a good guy who just made a stupid mistake and continued the mistake while knowing it was wrong. John is a black gay man with a platform and who is looked up to. Instead of focusing on his dance team and taking it to the next level he allowed himself to be consumed by desires and made careless decisions.

I do not believe in some of the HIV laws. John might have informed all of his sexual partners of his status. That doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t lie about not being told. In the state of Tennessee, a 16-year-old cannot consent to sex. Parents have trusted you with their children and you put them in harm’s way. He has tarnished his brand before it was built. At this point in the game, all I can tell John to do is log off of all social media.

You can trust and believe that Bring It will disassociate themselves with just like they did with the Tamia situation.

My thoughts are with the parents, the teenage boys and the Infamous Dancerettes. Instead of focusing on competing this weekend at Buck or Die competition in Atlanta, GA hosted by the Dancing Dolls. They have to hear about their coach’s legal matters.


How do you explain something like this to youth?


I will update as the story develops.