“B*tch You Ain’t Been In Hollywood in 20 Years” NeNe Reads Kenya Moore, Luenell & Others at Comedy Show [VIDEO]

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NeNe wants you & all of the RHOA present and future cast mates to know that she was here first! She especially wants Kenya Moore to know that she hasn’t seen her a** in Hollywood or Black Hollywood. Bloop.

NeNe’s comedy show might as well be a full read session. She doesn’t need jokes or stories she is the character and the joke. Luenell is probably somewhere about to be hot as fish grease because Leake’s tour isn’t slowly down. Lunelle called out NeNe on Instagram not too long ago about her not being a real comedian. It doesn’t seem that matters cause Mrs. Leakes is very booked.

Sisqo’s auntie! Ms. Luenell she called you out! You better either run for cover or grab you a camera and a black v neck! I’m not the biggest fan of NeNe but I would’ve paid money to see this in person because she is not holding back! Something was in her cup or she was feeling the crowd cause she went in. There is more!

Kenya More is neve off limits and I am not surprised she had some strong words for her. She let ‘Kenyan’ what she referred to her as in the video have it. “I was FIRST! I say that shit all of the time.” Chile if she says this ish one more time like she is the supreme. We heard your the first 3 times.

The “Talk Shit Tour” is what NeNe should name it! It’s working, though! It’s entertaining and it looks like she has found her niche talking mess unfiltered.

Meanwhile, Kenya is in her new home spraying pesticides to keep the ants and termites from chewing on her wood. The termites aren’t worried about Sheree’s house since ain’t nobody in that bihhh.


Would you go to one of NeNe’s comedy show’s?