Cardi B Defends Offset’s Homophobic Lyric, Cardi B Please STFU [VIDEO]

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Cardi B thought it would be a smart idea to explain what Offset meant after he received backlash for his verse “I don’t vibe with queers.” on YFN Lucci’s Boss Life. For some reason “Watch yo man, then you should watch your mouth.” sounds like the right response to this entire situation. Cardi wants us to do a better job educating her man on the history of what words are offensive.

Some of us do educate situations like these every day. It might not be in the way you see fit but it does happen. This is an educating moment so pay attention while I educate you on the b*llshit.

Offset said he didn’t write the line “I don’t vibe with queers.” in 2018!! Nobody is buying that. It would be believable it if there wasn’t a history of homophobia with his group Migos. Cardi B, your comments were not needed and you sound ignorant trying to explain this b*llshit.

Offset talks as if nobody heard the finished product before it came out. Multiple people heard it, and no one in his camp told him “Aye bruh the gays might not like that word.“.

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Cardi B please shut up.

The fact that you think that he’s never been homophobic around you means he isn’t homophobic tells me a lot about how you think. Shame on you.

Meanwhile, the man who wrote the verse hasn’t recorded a video explaining anything. Offset just gave us a screenshot of the definition of queer and a half ass apology.



Should Cardi B defend her man?