CeeDotCee ‘Lemonade’ Review is Spot On! A Black Woman’s Perspective!

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There are several ‘Lemonade’ album reviews and think pieces around the web but this one was the one I needed. From a black woman’s perspective! No Shade to all of the other people who reviewed Beyoncés new album but I wanted to hear it from the individuals it was made for!

Cee gives an entertaining and thought-provoking breakdown of the visual album!

Yasssssss educated but entertaining I live! I pray that you were listening! A black woman thoughts are on the album so it’s only right to hear the review from a black woman. Even though I didn’t get what I wanted I’m glad she was able to touch black women across the globe with this.

My black women are the most disrespected people on the planet and they mean the world to me. A black woman did bring me in this world and as she sometimes reminds me, she can take me out of it too lol.

Cee’s review went viral and ‘People’ reached out to her for an interview! Click here to see her interview at 27:15.


Black women did she cut up or nah?