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Charlamagne Squeezes White Tears from Tomi Lahren Over Remarks on Black Panthers [VIDEO]

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Ever heard the phrase “squeeze blood from a turnip” well try squeezing white tears from a privileged white woman. Well, Charlamagne a messy bi*ch that lives for drama DID! Say what you want about Charlamagne but is one educated man who knows what he is talking about.

Tomi Lahren went on a tirade about Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl and said she was offended. Offended because she thought the Black Panther Party were a terrorist group.


Charlamegne gathered her soul while educating her… Watch below.



YASSSSSSSSS!!! Every time he hit a nerve and she couldn’t gather her thoughts she wanted to move on to the next topic. You can hear the privilege in her voice so strong that she thinks whatever she says has to be true because she said so.

I appreciate Charlamagne for not just educating her but educating me and others as well. PBS premiered a documentary about the Black Panther Party last night and everything he said in this video was basically verified.


Did Charlamagne do some justice or could he have went a little harder?