Our Favorite Ratchet Show is Coming Back! ‘Chasing Atlanta’ Season 2 Trailer

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Yasssss! The girls have clocked out of Mickey D’s, sprayed on some beards and hairlines, and gave us a sickening messy trailer for ‘Chasing Atlanta’ Season 2!

If you haven’t been catching up on one of the hottest new reality series on YouTube you’re behind and I should block you now. The door is closed! Chasing Atlanta shook the kids last year with back to back episodes of drama and lifestyles of the rich & barely famous! Let me stop before the girls come for me.

Last year Chasing Atlanta racked up 100s of thousands of views and was the talk on social media, and now they’re gearing up for season 2. We’re getting new faces and new wigs this new season. We may even find out by some bad reviews on some wigs.

Check out the explosive trailer below.

Production is looking cute!!! Looks like we have some new cast members and new tea.

To catch up on Season 1 *click here*


Are you excited about the new season? What vibes are you getting off the new cast?


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