Dianna Responds to Comments About Neva Putting Her Hands in Her Face

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It was only a matter of time before Coach D responded to some of the comments made about this interesting slash trashy episode of Bring It. Last week’s episode Dianna & Coach Neva had a small altercation after Neva tried to offer her a bejeweled cross.  Yes, a bejeweled cross. Coach D didn’t take it well and things got out of hand when Neva put her hand in Dianna’s face. Coach D grabbed her hand and told her not to do that.

The situation got a little bit serious as Neva looked as if it wasn’t in the script. Dianna wasn’t feeling it and made it clear. Judging by the comments and various tweets viewers were turned off and thought it was a little too much on both coaches. Well, she responded to anyone who questioned her and a special message to the broke ass bloggers.




Well, I guess she told them off. Both of the coaches were wrong but this is not the first incident where something like this has happened. We’ve seen this when you and ICDC’s coach got into it on the field and you cursed him out and was ready to fight. This episode last week was by far the worse I have seen.

Many of us enjoy the show every week but some of the unnecessary drama like this are not needed. You called that woman a b*tch on live tv that night with plenty of kids and young teenagers watching. Out of line, Coach D. You and Coach Neva are grown women and the fact you acted like that on tv was unbecoming of you and your brand. No one has the guts to tell you this so I will. You have a platform so use it. Doesn’t matter who did what first this has been festering for a minute and it needs to stop.


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