Cover Up them Lil Biddies! Audience Member Tells Meagan Good [VIDEO]

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We gone cover up right! LMFAO! Somebody tried to cover up Meagan Good’s breast with a prayer cloth this Sunday!

Devan Franklin and Meagan Good were just trying to promote their book and preach the word of God until an interesting lady in the crowd grabbed the mic.

The lady who sounded tired and delayed said she was in the supermarket when she saw Meagan’s breast in a magazine out for the world to see. Clearly women are not supposed to be attractive according to this level of thinking.

Check out the exchange starting to at 108:50 below.

Yasssss Pastor, you better protect your wife!

That woman was clearly scared and intimidated lol. But growing up in the church years ago it was unheard of for women to show skin like now. I’ve never seen my grandmother were pants since I’ve been on this earth. The Church seems to be slightly waking up now that things are changing. Women pastors were unheard of years ago but things have changed and the way of thinking has as well.

The church still has a long way to go.


Did the woman have a point or was she jealous and just outdated?