Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Separated After 6 Years of Marriage

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I hate to even say this but we saw this coming 2 season ago. After this past season of RHOA, most of could tell that Peter & Cynthia’s marriage wasn’t as strong as it once was.

Peter trying to woo Cynthia back was part of their Season 8 storyline and it was tuff to watch. Both of them were trying to find their happiness they once had in their marriage and it seemed forced. The look Cynthia gave him when he tried to kiss her after returning from Charlotte, NC could’ve told us that she wasn’t feeling it anymore.

The video incident with him talking to a woman and he slightly touched her added more fuel to the fire. Too many it looked as if Peter was flirting and caressing the woman’s breast. She told him on an episode that he needs to know how to carry himself in public. Sounds like this wasn’t the first time he has shown out. Cynthia had the following to say about their separation.

Cynthia said she and Peter are now trying to figure out what’s next for their relationship. “I am definitely taking some time to myself to figure out how I want to move forward. I don’t want to rush into anything, so I think this time apart is good for us,” Cynthia told The Daily Dish. “And I think the space apart, I think he can appreciate it as well. I think it gives people time to think and process and just move forward in a way that really is healthy for everyone involved.” – Bravo

When asked about the future of their marriage and would there be a divorce in future she responded.

Cynthia said she doesn’t yet know what the future holds for her and Peter, but she is confident that he will still be in her life. “Regardless of where I am with Peter, he is my husband. I will always love him, and I will always support him. And I believe he feels the same about me,” Cynthia recently told The Daily Dish. “Whether or not we decide to stay married or not, that’s something that we have to decide soon. But right now, I’m enjoying the time apart, taking time for myself.” –Bravo

Cynthia is a beautiful woman and I truly hate this for both of them. I honestly believe Peter might be taking it a bit harder than her. Men’s egos are truly fragile. In my opinion, I believe Cynthia had enough of all the financial troubles that came from Peter’s businesses that never went anywhere. Bars opening and closing. She was a model that was accustomed to a certain way of life. Peter tried to continue that life but couldn’t keep up. Which may explain why he tried to open so many businesses.

There is no doubt in my mind that Housewives of Atlanta played a part of their marriage. Reality tv and living in the spotlight is difficult. You’re open to everyone’s opinion even if you don’t wanna see it you will feel it.


What do you think about Cynthia’s separation from Peter?