D.L. Hughley Gathers Megyn Kelly! “The Only Place Racism Doesn’t Exist is Fox News and the Police Department” [VIDEO]

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D.L Hughley was black and ready for Fixed News aka Fox News! The comedian, activist, and author has no problem speaking his truth anywhere. So when Hughley arrived on the set it only took 1 minute into the conversation before he let Megyn Kelly know what the deal was.

Megyn Kelly was not ready! “It is my belief, that no matter what happens. No matter what we see. The cops are given a presumption of innocence.” Hughley told Kelly.


As she bounced to question to statement trying to talk over him, he only responded just as fast as she tried to dismiss his logic. Megyn Kelly tried to use Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson as an example of why not rush to judgement. “We saw this happen with Michael Brown in Ferguson.” Kelly said. “And we still don’t know the facts there. We have a police officer word and a grand jury’s word.” Hughley responded.

Things only got more heated. Take a look.

I appreciate people like D.L Hughley that are not interested in toning down their rhetoric to make somebody feel better. He knew what he was up against and he did not back down at all!

The credit limit that Wendy Williams lost on her black card will now be transferred to D.L Hughley. Thanks, brother!



Are you pride that D.L Hughley stood his ground?