Was D’Angelo Russell Wrong for Exposing His Teammate Nick Young ?

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Chile the shit done hit the fan and rumors are going around that nobody is featuring D’Angelo Russell. Russell secretly recorded Nick Young during a conversation in a hotel. In the video, Young admitted to having relations with a 19-year-old while  being engaged to his fiance Iggy Azalea. Well, the video got around the web and you will be surprised of how many lives it has affected.


I can hear Nick Young voice now! “Bruh you were recording me the whole time! Bros before hoes” lol. Well, that sh*t didn’t mean anything to Russell.

Now Russell & Young both play for the LA Lakers sooooo. Is Russell going to be covered by the whistleblower act? Teammates are walking out of locker rooms when Young comes in and LA officials are not on Russell’s side at all. The whole situation is a mess but was he wrong?

Hmmm, it depends on how you look at it. Being an ordinary person one would probably either just tell Iggy personally or not say anything. The guy is only 19 so this explains a lot. The attention that he received from this, however, might not be what he actually wanted. They work together and are known basketball players so it makes me wonder what was Russell’s motive. Now Russell has to worry about the outcome of his career considering the team will be affected by this.

He could’ve kept it all to himself. What’s done in the dark eventually comes to the light. I’m sure Iggy would’ve eventually found out some way. She definitely appreciated him exposing the truth, though.

Maybe they can work it out maybe they can’t. We shall see.


Considering everything were D’Angelo Russell’s actions justified?