Dear Justinj

Dear Justinj | I’m Successful & Lonely. Why?

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Hey, Justin! I first want to say I’m so proud of you, I’ve been watching you for some time and I see how much you are growing as a person and a brand. I’m a recent college grad, I worked really hard in school. I was the president for the Black Student Union, activist, and worked two jobs. I also worked alongside a Professor to create the first African-American history course at my school in 100 years. And I’m headed to Law school but none of this matters to my family.

UnknownNot one person showed up for my graduation. They never really show me any love no matter how hard I work. I was also dating this guy and he was my first. I waited until I was 22 to have sex because it was important for me to be sure, then he cheated on me and broke my heart. I now feel like why even keep going because no matter what I do it isn’t enough. I’m just never enough for anyone I love, I feel so alone. Please if you have an advice respond to me. love you, forever a JAY ��

Previously on ‘Being Mary Jane’…. Nah I’m kidding lol

Well hello my fellow Jay. First I would like thank you for taking the time to email me. You are not alone and I want to congratulate you on your accomplishments. Families are strange so it is unfortunate that they were not there to support you that didn’t stop from you continuing your education.


Maybe just maybe they were insecure of watching all of your accomplishments from the passenger side. Focus on your yourself and the things you want in life and the other things will fall in place eventually. Chile go out this weekend to a bar or something.


Pooch around for a bit and have some fun and I guarantee you will get some type of conversation going with someone. As for the guy who you were dating. F*ck him girl. Matter of fact when you get a chance within a week go get you a massage and have them get that kitty snatched and waxed! He might have won that battle but don’t let him have the war by having you in your feelings about a f*ck boy. Get your money, education but have fun at the same time. Life is about choices *in my Cynthia Bailey voice* so when you’re making them make sure you’re the priority. Love you much!