Dear Justinj My Friend is Jealous Cause I’m Not a Church Queen

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Hi, Justin. I’ve been a subscriber on your channel for almost a year now and I love your videos. I need your advice on how I should go about dealing with my so called best friend. His name is DJ he’s a year younger than me and he is also the first person I came out to. We’ve been friends since my senior year of high school. He later came out to me, but I didn’t believe him. He told me he would never come out to his mom. He said he would get it out of his system by the time he turns 25 and he’ll marry a woman like a bible says he should. He’s very big on religion but does the most sin behind closed doors and car doors. Lately, he tries to degrade me by bragging about how he’s so successful at his school, his multiple scholarships, etc. He tries to debate with me on everything. Even if I say I don’t want to talk about he will constantly ask me to talk about it so he can beat me in an argument. Whenever I find a guy I think I want to try having a relationship with he tries to down it and say it will be like last time. He has the habit of bringing up my past to take shots at me. I’m about to beat his ass. I’m so over his egotistical ways and arrogance. Should I talk it out or end it? Also, I’m a virgin and I’m waiting on true love, but he’s the complete opposite. (Giving head in cars)


If you ain’t got haters you ain’t poppin!! Chhh you sound like me a couple of years ago when I was debating if my friend was jealous of me. Sounds like you’re innocent, but had an interesting past and this friend might don’t want to see you do better than him. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who will be cool with you as long you as you’re struggling or not doing better than them. Feed him with a long handled spoon, meaning deal with him but keep your distance. He is jealous because you seem to be comfortable with your sexuality and he isn’t hence why he thinks he can mess around with men until he is ready to get married to a woman. This is what I call a Church Queen & Silent Sissy of the Pew. Tell his deliverdT ass you don’t need friends like him. Be comfortable with yourself and take care of yourself. I won’t tell you don’t need friends, but you don’t need friends like that. 4 years from now you will be looking back and looking at yourself crazy as to why you were still trying to make your friendship work with him. Trust me I had to let a couple friends of go as well. Take care man.


Any suggestions fellow Jays?