Dear Justinj

Dear Justinj My Husband’s Baby Momma Drama is TOO Much

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First let me say I love you so much. You have kept my hope many a night when I felt like giving up so Thank you. I feel like you’re my internet friend that I can go to for advice. First of all, I’ve been married 4 years to my sadistic over-controlling husband. When I first met him I was a stripper you know just trying to survive and he toke me out if that showed me how to get my first job, open a bank account things like that but he has always been controlling. now he has a crazy ass baby momma who he is always fighting with at court but mind you I have two kids with him as well as his daughters from this crazy baby momma. My sons are babies 3 and 2. Well long story short in the midst of this court hearing she decides to make up lies and call cps saying all types of craziness that is just horrible and now the thing that makes me mad is that my husband daughters who are 12 and 9 just lied through their teeth to the social worker and I confronted my husband on it and he says we’ll if you have an issue with my daughters kick rocks and is basically defending the fact that they lied and is saying the mom is telling them to say this, but I feel like they are old enough to know the difference between a lie and the truth and them are manipulative just like they mom . I am to the point where I want to just take my kids and just move to Atlanta, but I don’t want to make mad moves and just leave so I wanted your opinion on the situation. Should I just be done with it or try and it work. It’s getting out of control because now my kids are affected. Thanks, Justin, I know you will give sound advice.

Hey boo!! So you’re a remix between NeNe Leakes & Shanda from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood lol. Well, this is interesting. You said your husband basically saved you from the strip club and taught you a little something. I can appreciate him for that, but that doesn’t mean you owe him your life. You’re married to him so you must care for him I’m guessing. Talk to him if you haven’t already and tell him that you aren’t feeling this and figure out what you all can do to make it work. The kids probably were coerced by the mother, that doesn’t surprise me. Some women, unfortunately, use their children to get back at men. Don’t blame it on the children they just seemed to have an ignorant mother who is using them sadly. Please don’t make any drastic decisions unless you are your children are in harms way. Talk to him even bring up the controlling thing and if he doesn’t wanna listen you have to let him know that you’re serious. I hope everything works out and keep me informed. Maybe your story can be “From the Strip Club to the A” lol

Jays help a sister out with. What do you suggest she does?