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Dear JustinJ My Over Religious Mother Just Found Out I’m Gay

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Dear Justin… I need your advice. My mom just found out I am gay and I feel terrible. First off, my family are the exact type of Christians you talk about in your videos which are exactly why I’ve hidden this part of me from them. I felt that social media was the only place I could express my true self without my family finding out, which is funny because that is exactly how they found out. I’ve shut them out of my life since I graduated from high school and I only talk to my mom like once every two weeks. All of my family live in Louisiana and I’ve moved to two states so far just to avoid them. The plan was to go back to Louisiana in May of 2016 because I won’t have a job then and to reconcile with them, but after this I just don’t think it’s possible… I honestly don’t know what to do Justin, my mom is breaking down and I feel so bad because I never thought I’d make her cry and experience so much pain… Right now, I just feel like shutting everyone completely out of my life.

First I wanna thank you for reaching out to me. This is something that a lot of young gay black men go through and it’s unfortunate. Choosing to be yourself over family and you shouldn’t have to choose. Your mother will eventually get better it’s not the end of the world it’s just going to take some time for her to adjust. They say mothers know everything about us. She more than likely already knew or suspected that you were gay. Focus on your school for now. I’m sure when May comes the dust will settle and you will be able to have a sit-down conversation with your parents. It’s just going to take time so don’t completely shut her out, she loves you trust me she just doesn’t understand you right now. You only get one mother so don’t let something like this sever your connection with her. Just tell her that acceptance isn’t needed at this point just her respect. Keep your head up guy. Hit me up if you need anything else. Take care.



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