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Dear Justinj: Should I Quit College?

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Dear Justin J,

I’m 18 tears old, also, I’m a freshman at The University of Memphis. I feel that it is too overwhelming. I have no job, no car, and I barely have enough money to eat day to day. Initially, I didn’t want to enroll at a university at all, but my parents really left me no choice but to go to school, or they were going to kick me out of the house. I have the type of parents that they expect you to depend on them for EVERYTHING, but they don’t try to help you get on your own feet. Crazy right? I’ve been waiting on my dad to get my car fix so that I can actually go out and get a job, because I’m in desperate need for money, and I feel like I can’t work like I want to right now mainly because of college, and also because of my car situation. Right now, I just want to work full time, save up my money, and get my own place, my own car, my own everything. I feel like I’m stuck because I’m depending on my parents for everything. I’m an adult now and I feel that I shouldn’t be depending on anyone for anything let alone my parents. Should I quit college for a while until I get financially stable, or should I just stick it out?

Good afternoon, girl do not quit I’ve been in your situation trust me and you will get through this. First, you just need the right tools. Not sure if you haven’t tried already but print out this application for Tennessee Foodstamps. You may qualify cause I know while I was unemployed and in school I took advantage of it. That’s considering you live on campus. Maybe next semester you might want to consider living on campus if you fit it in your tuition budget. Don’t give up there is plenty of help out here you just have to look for it and be given the right tools. Just because you have graduated from high school doesn’t mean anything, unfortunately. Even at 28, I still ask my parent’s for some things. Quitting and just working to save for school will slow you down to the point that you may never want to go back to college trust me. Sometimes we expect too much from people which can hinder us from growing. Stay positive and since you’re probably on fall break, take a second to reflect and think on it. Hope this helps.

Any encouraging words Jays?