Deray Mckesson Calls Out Shuan King in Black Twitter Civil War

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The King of bubble vest fashion is not here for Shaun King and his sh*t! You know Deray Mckesson had to be upset to call him out on social media, but I think he wanted to remind people of what a fraud he is.

According to Deray, Shaun King blocked him when he asked him about his financial mishandling with some of the projects he started and went up in flames. This is not the first time Shaun has been called out for mishandling funds. If you search through twitter you will find plenty of links and tweets about people believing in him and felt like he wasn’t right.

OOOP! *sips tea*



Shaun King tweeted this last night and deleted it. I wonder why….







I feel like Kim Fields on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Are these grown ass individuals acting like this on social media for real?

This year a couple of activists post a letter accusing him of mishandling funds.

Shaun King has a history of organizational mismanagement which, left unaddressed, could damage the movement. The damage he has caused not once, but twice in two years now, is to squander the collective time, labor, energy, passion, and relationships created in the organizations he builds and then dismantles. King characterized his organization-building projects as “decentralized” while keeping ultimate decision making power to himself, such as the ability to cut off members’ access to the organization’s online collaborative space, or the choice to withhold information about finances and accounting. He refused to specifically account for where donations went in any verifiable manner…

Shaun King better get Olivia Pope on the scene because twitter been lighting his ass up.



Let me tell you all something all bullshit aside. Take all of these people with a grain of salt, even me. Some of them mean well but when money and fame are offered to you things change. You don’t need an activist to tell you what to do you know what’s right and wrong. A lot of this stuff just seems fake to me and that’s just my opinion. Be aware of those who are always in the camera. Some of them want to be seen and not heard. This whole movement is becoming lucrative and some of these individuals are cashing in on it.


What do you think of Shaun King and his escapades?