Did Tammy Lose Her Peach on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 8?

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Real Housewives of Atlanta last couple of episodes have been a hit or miss lately, but episode 6 will change that.

So remember a couple of months ago when it was rumored that 2 new housewives will be joining the cast? E! had reported back in August that 2 new Housewives will be added to the cast. Well, we know the master of boredness Kim Fields was added but what about the other housewife?


Baby, they cropped Ms. Tammy McCall-Browning ass out of this picture with no remorse! But why, though?

glen_rice_jrEpisode 6 of Season 8 has been rumored to be the reason why she is no longer a featured housewife because of the altercation with Glen Rice Jr in Miami.

TMZ posted the following.


We’re told Tammy went to ask Glen to leave — and as one source says, “He lost it.” Our sources say Glen went to confront one of the housewives — and Tammy tried to get in the way to stop him — but he wouldn’t stop and knocked her to the ground. Tammy smacked her head pretty hard and began to cry.

Tammy got smacked trying to calm the situation down and ended up losing her peach anyway. They caught the whole thing on camera and you know Kenya was somehow in the middle of it.



Chhh I’m trying to see how trade knocked her on the floor. Now yall know we probably won’t see this till next year. Tammy, precious you let a man a cute man f*ck you out of nice steady check.


Do you think Tammy can get a second chance and have a peach next season?