Did Y’all See Soulja Boy on the Love & Hip Hop Reunion?

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“It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking
In the dark…”






Soulja Boy looked like he was about to melt on the Love & Hip Hop side couch last night.

Season 2 Love & Hip Hop Reunion was last night and even though Soulja Boy wasn’t on the main couch, but everybody including me was wondering if he had just finished filming the remake of “Thriller”. Honestly, he could’ve he already had on the jacket and skin



imageNot only did he look like an extra for the “Thriller” video he also looked like he played in an episode of  “Tales from the Crypt” with the evil dolls. Chhh I hate dolls or any inanimate object so this episode still scares me!

I just wanna know who did SouljaBoi’s makeup. Or was he too hot to the hot point he was shapeshifting and we just don’t know it. Anyway, we will monitor it and see how he will look in next week’s Part 2 of the Reunion.


What was Soulja Boy serving you last night on the “Love & Hip Hop Reunion?