Disgraced Retired NFL Player Bill Romanowski Calls Cam Newtown “Boy” on Twitter

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Last night after the Carolina Panthers lost 24 to 10 to the Denver Broncos things got out of hand on social media as expected. With the racial climate in America now a lot was riding on the Panthers win.

Cam Newton didn’t deal with the loss that well and it showed in a press conference.

Bill Romanowski was way out of line when he referred to Cam as a “boy” in a trashy tweet that was later deleted.


Bill is almost 50 years old I’m pretty sure he is aware of what that word means to a black man. It was disrespectful and tasteless and I’m glad he took it down. He has some nerve telling anyone on how to act when he spat in a players face some years ago amongst other things.

He later apologised after a couple of tweets shook his spirit.


The apology does nothing for me. I’m not surprised. What makes me upset is the ones who we don’t catch who think like this.


Now that Bill Romanowski is in full back peddle mode what do you think?